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August open mic…what you missed!

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

We had a great time at Bossa in August! Here are some highlights from the open mic:

Shahid took the green out of the pockets of politicians and put it in the pockets of the peaceful.

Jess talked down to oppression.

Michael found his voice again, sharing with us his words in fours and inspired adaptability, after fighting and conquering his menace within.

Lisa reminded us that the stock market isn’t able to wrap arms around a fellow or float across a feeling–it’s not a person!

Damian: Lincoln Perry never gave much thought about what being that way would do to him.

Luis asked what is art? A mere account of existence? Art is perfection. Food for the heart, mind, body, and soul.

Laurie poured her heart out to Katrina’s 500,000 environmental refugees, seeing nothing but cracks in the nation…do you feel safe?

Lacy lamented the new liberal world: a glass world of pomp and double speak–each of her words another stone thrown.

Ashlee’s the ish, and her ish never gets old. Her red light only comes on for you.

Erin has a mission and food and love, and she has life, and it makes her smile everyday.

Other phrases from the night that may inspire you to write!…

welcome to the terror drome
i want to love you completely
i am simply incredible
might does not make right
are you wild like me
one day he’ll leave
shot the seed into the darkness
it’s too little too late
it’s bullets against rocks
congress and con-men both end up convicts

Join us out in September! We’re at Bossa every second Tuesday of the month.

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