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Guerrillas on the Mic in March 2011

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

The poetry insurgency’s March 2011 lyrical ambush was intense, starting with all of two poets and ballooning over the course of two short hours into over ten. This Tuesday:

  • Brenda pretended that it never happened, reminding us now crashing cruel reality comes and a wounded heart makes the hand mean.
  • Damian uncharacteristically confessed that he is confused, and also feeling pleasant and conversational, before channeling MC Lyte.
  • Sarah shared Alix Olson’s ode to the Lower East Side, and also noted that Focus on the Family’s headquarters has its own ZIP code.
  • Jazmin visited us from New York, and suggested that woman awake, arise, stand up on her perfectly unbound feet, as we have lost the Earth staying on our knees.
  • Lenny envisioned the revolution as cream cheese frosting, and reminded kings and queens and dictators that their time is served.
  • Rabia spoke of the Mtagne d’Oro.
  • Jeff reminded us that despite having just one planet where we live, we’re all split, and also exhorted us to before the battle better strategize.
  • Monique suggested that she is alone.
  • I speculated that Lyndi might be from Italy, and shared a tale of spending a night in less than ideal circumstances in central Manhattan.
  • Alicia said that you have to give it back.
  • Lyndi called a spade a spade, and decried justice denied and delayed.
  • Amy, channeling Alix Olson, recalled that we’ve learned to scream until our throats throbbed.
  • Ted noted that Rosa Parks and Hellen Keller are mentioned but minimalized, because history is militarized.

Come back out to Bossa to join us next time, on April 12!

February’s open mic was hot!

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Last month’s GPI open mic at Bossa was hot, as we welcomed GPI vets/virgins and also our feature Head Roc! He started it off right and everyone followed suit, showing off their good vibes, words, and rhythms. Can’t wait to see what March brings!

A little recap of February’s open mic:

Head Roc’s “being black is truly unique” as he corrected the establishment’s impression of hip hop and spoke on behalf of DC against Walmart:

“That is not hip hop, What is that, it is crap, It is rap, it is pop, That is not hip hop” and

“Keep DC Walmart free, They ain’t about you and me”

Shahid brought “mutiny against big brother” and pointed to the “Obama years–hope but keep the same fears.”

Damian gave voice to Lincoln Perry: “I seem happy more than I am because I hide a lot”

I soared like a feather girl and loved with olfactory expression.

Stephanie told us how “life should be delicious.”

Jeff’s “pills he pops give him a glimpse of heaven, translation stated: serotonin spill on aisle seven.”

Graciela danced and brought alive the spirits of the mestiza women: “She had to hide, Couldn’t be herself, Gave her compassion for all… Let it out and show the world who you really are”

Jonathon reminded us of the “million different widows looking listlessly for lost ones.”

Damian’s noun, his every verb, burned holes in all concerns.

Enrique loved the sound of creaks never too loud and showed us money from Wall Street’s perspective.

Jonathon plugged the DC slam poetry scene and said to keep an eye on events at The Fridge.

Head Roc found comfort in his weaknesses, then indoctrinated us into the AHIAHR (“affordable housing is a human right”) point of view and Empower DC, stating too that “DCPS is under attack by the same racism from way way back!”

Many more thoughts spilled forth that night, fueling the flames of creative resistance, hope, and passion that tend to hover in the air the warm and welcoming GPI open mics.

Curious to hear more or share your thoughts in the flow? Join us at our open mic at Bossa every second Tuesday of the month, 7-9 PM.

See you there!

– Jessica

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