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The last GPI open mic was inspiring!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Time and again I go to the GPI open mic to be with friends and share a piece myself through words and rhythm; and I’m always amazed about the dose of inspiration that comes along with it! The GPI helps fuel my creativity and reminds me why I like to get up in front of y’all and make a fool of myself (or sound really good ;). I look forward to the second Tuesday of the month and seeing you out.

Last time I was there I heard…

Damian shooting a seed into darkness, daring it to shine

Jeff making everyday observations of everyday things and bad movies dripping milk

Jess reading OPP (other people’s poetry) by local writers Heather Davis and Jose Padua–about the Fall and Barbie

Flo-nominal saying this is for… this is for… this is for our listening ears

Lacy charged at life with all the certainty she possessed, and her voice bled the stones to throw

Jorge showed us what it feels to be an outcast and stand up for a dead dog

Graciela invoked her mestiza goddesses, walking out of one culture and into another

Amy read some OPP by local writer John Durgavich–leaden dough knot, bread lake

Mike was our writer in the spring–poetry of insanity in time, the troubled action in the mind

Mike (#2) recited the call of a subway muezzin

Rachelle spoke of the mean streets where freedom is a debt

Mo wondered…for cheaper oil, would we sacrifice all of creation?

Dea’ Junea reminisced about getting back to that place

I look forward to being back in that place in a couple weeks. Hope to see you there!

– Jessica

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