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March 9th GPI Report-out

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

March’s GPI was quite a show…with videographers and photographers to boot! It marked the last show at Bossa for this season, and what a way to end the indoor winter run. Jessica Philie hosted, while Laurie Blair was away–and you’ll see Laurie again in April! (Remember: April’s GPI on Monday 4/13 is outdoors in Dupont Circle right on the fountain.)

Jonathan Tucker featured in March, sharing with us his introspective and external observational, upbeat, and rhythmic ways. We had a ton of poets and performers come out, some veterans and some newbies, including two who walked in (after seeing us in the window) wearing WWF shiny world champion belts. As always, the audience members were engaged, interested, and plentiful. Thank you to everyone for making it such a great last indoor show! (Although, if it rains on a second Monday during the Spring/Summer, we’ll see you back at Bossa.)

Here’s a bit of what you may have missed: Damian retold his love song now called tennis; Tora gave us glimpses of her Baltimore memories; Pauly flew a wheelchair out of Iraq; Jenny let us know about her city streets; Tom found freedom falling down while surrendering to love; Elizabeth waxed angry funny about the GOP and her debut as a gonzo reporter; Jonathan made us love Mondays and wonder about widows in windows shattered; Brandon gave us a taste of about bitter sweet lovin’; Kristin wants to strip to her panties and read aloud; Rob recounted the reality of his speedy mentality; Dan gave us the new and the old; Lacy reminded us stand united against the IMF and World Bank; Ted toasted our war-monger anniversary; Strawberry Sunshine Tahini Sun Burn Burn (a.k.a. Elizabeth Croydon) simply asked Tibet or not Tibet?; Gowri told us about what “they” ssay; Shamaine talked about a reconstructed life; Robel sang a sweet escapist single from his new album; and Lance shared his black sheep moments to a room of people who would likely understand.

Thanks again all…see you in April!

– Jessica

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