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2 poems from David Schwartzman

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In a drop of water (Written during NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in Spring 1999)

Let he who orders bombs and missiles

to fall on cities and villages

please pause and glance

at the drop of water

perched on the glass

sitting on your table,

for in it

you will see the last moments

of existence of a child

before she is atomized.

Solidarity (This poem was found on a heating grate where homeless sleep, outside the Department of Commerce, or was it the World Bank?)

A Serb stands for an Albanian

An Albanian stands for a Serb,

An Italian for Mumia,

Mumia for everyone

Jew for Arab,

Arab for Jew

White for Black,

Black for Latino,

Man for woman,

woman for man

Straight for gay

gay for straight,

A worker here for a worker there

Nothing more precious, nothing more powerful,

Nothing more precious, nothing more powerful,

than human solidarity

for a world free of war, a world free of class,

a world free of race, free of oppression and misery,

A world free

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