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100 Best Friends

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By Yacob, Ben Sawyer and Ben Weiss , participants in the GPI's workshop at the 2006 National Conference on Organized Resistance:

100 Best Friends
that were before unmet
breaking polite standards
of a silent bus gets
me exposure to a country
not localities
not ages, races, genders
but hopes and personalities
kids who hate or love
wanna fix or leave their hometowns
we’re all patriots of
this new built country underground
I’ve never been at a slumber party this big before
huddled blanket conversations on a hundred kid church floor

100 Best Friends
that I never knew
came to DC
formed the NCOR crew
100 best friends that I never met
Not concerned with old conventions or the etiquette
Or phoney new renditions of the government
Seize the reigns to the gains of self-betterment
Which usually includes the removal or individuals
Whose detriment is imbedded and seems oh so residual
But no I’m not a slave to the words of the president
‘cause I’m bound to be a citizen, not only a resident

100 Best Friends
that I never knew
came to DC
formed the NCOR crew
We’re patriots of a different land
Celebrating diversity
with our hearts and minds
from Maine to Miami
the activists came
working toward change
instead of hunting for blame
hipsters, punks and metalheads
witches, Christians, jews
different kinds of patriots
in black and green, red, white, and blue

100 Best Friends
that I never knew
came to DC
formed the NCOR crew
100 Best Friends
4 grand in my hat
A slap on the wrist
Like a thunder clap
Blast to DC ‘cause
money never lies
Grey skies, quick lines
Teach me how to rise
DC like I never knew

100 Best Friends
Formed the NCOR crew!

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