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Hi all! We’ll be marching around DC this weekend, Saturday January 21, 2017, to celebrate women and the issues that are important to them. We plan to meet up with our old pals in the Rhythm Worker’s Union during the march. They are resurrecting the Mother Drum Ship. Find their meetup information here: Later in the day, some of us will be at Split This Rock’s Speak Out at Woolly Mammoth Theater:

Hope to see you out and about!

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) Lyrical Ambush creates a space for artists to explore social justice, racism, campaign finance, international events, police brutality, war vs peace, corporate domination vs meaningful democracy, the “war on drugs,” and the misuse of fear to degrade civil liberties.

2016 is an unprecedented year in American politics and we KNOW this community is holding onto some bombs and fire – come kick it with us — guerrilla style at 3 Sunday Open Mics (Aug, Sept & Oct).

We welcome families with bubbles, sidewalk chalk and encourage kids to share the mic alongside seasoned artists and passerbys. Musicians, drummers, percussionists would add spice. A GPI Ambush includes whoever shows up to listen and share their truth.

Sunday, August 21, 2016 4:00-6:00pm
Sunday, September 25, 2016 4:00-6:00pm
Sunday, October 23, 2016 4:00-6:00pm

Hey Guerrilla Poets!

Our friend Rica Madrid has been part of a march from NYC to DC to demand the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution with performance artist Natalie White. #MarchForERA started on July 8 and will go to July 23, walking 250 miles over 16 days through cities like New Brunswick, Philadelphia, Newark Delaware, Baltimore, and eventually College Park and DC. Here’s how you can support them:

We are seeking talent for the event we are throwing at Busboys and Poets in Hyattsville on July 22. I have been inviting folks to the event but may have missed some of you — please don’t hesitate to RSVP if you’d like to come! If you’d like to perform a poem, sing or speak words in the theme of feminism, equality, or anti-oppression, please be in touch with Amanda Krause (, our event coordinator.
Lastly we are marching from College Park Metro to the Capitol (basically straight down Rhode Island Ave; about 8 miles) for a rally at 2pm. This is our final event of the #MarchforERA and it’s likely to be our largest turnout. We invite noisemakers, chanting, voices, drums and all rabble-rousing to join us. It would mean a lot to me to see some of your beautiful faces there.

We were at Bossa in July, doing our GPI thing…open mic with all sorts of people rolling through and sharing what’s on their mind. Here are some highlights…

Jess saluted the web of the free and the roam of the brave.

Khadeejah reminded us to unwind, travel in your heart and mind, love a lot and sip a little wine…keep positive.

Zane hung out at a bar with all his characters…the Mad Hatter shootin’ back whiskey with Alice, Puff the Magic Dragon rippin’ off the roof and flaming his own cocktail.

Lacy versus the glass cage that she can’t see: you will break into a million pieces! Did you not see her necklace of skulls?!

Chris wants to sooth this burn…purification of hawkish behavior with fire from the sky.

Mouhamad wonders if for cheaper gas, would we sacrifice all of creation?

Come to the show and let us know what’s on your mind, next second Tuesday of the month at Bossa, 2463 18th St NW DC.

We had a great time at Bossa in June. Hot poetry, with a side of what? Here are the highlights:

Sam was like dude, don’t call me a poet.

Jessica gave her imPression of the press, and it wasn’t too pretty.

Zane pledged his love for the gorgeous freedom…freedom, he will not stop striving for you.

Jess is you.

Z explored the rule of funny and the rule of cool, where shit happens.

Sam wondered what 30 is for…inconclusive.

Let’s see what’s in store for us next month…at Bossa.

While you may have missed us in May at Bossa, you won’t have to miss the highlights. Here they are:

Zane spoke of passion, extreme love, heavenly beacon, a glow of colors and all you want to do is touch it and bathe in its light.

Luis’s karma’s working whether he likes it or not.

Jess drilled on excuses while lamenting abuses by people like her.

Jason is a fresh canvas, white wet and new.

Woo! Let’s see what other people have to say next month, second Tuesday, at Bossa.

Hey hey hey! We were at Bossa in April, in case you didn’t know it was the second Tuesday of the month. Check out the highlights below and mark your calendars for next month!

Denay spoke of the possibility that guides us, the no becoming yes.

Shahid let us know it’s all about the solidarity in our community, creative culture unites all people…art makes us peaceful.

Jess strove to proceed the deeds of the last generation.

And what do you want to say on the mic? Join us next month.

We had a lovely evening at Bossa in March. The troops were out and ready to spout. Here are the highlights:

Jess had butterflies as she marched out her friend battle and tried to check her bullshit on stage.

L guided us with compassion on a righteous path, a lyrical labyrinth of microscopic self-reflection replacing war with discussion.

Nicole asked where are you borders? Haven’t you yearned for the secrets of the stars? Does your heart know its limits?

Jessica hoped we’re going to get it before grossing you out with a romantic poem.

Nic traversed a traffic jam on a one-way street.

Luis celebrated his anniversary, something so profound that it can’t be put into words.

Join us next month and every month on the second Tuesday of the month!

Old friends and new faces popped into Bossa in February to share their poetry. Every second Tuesday of the month there, we get a chance to share our hearts and minds through poetry and even experience a little creative therapy in the process. Here are some highlights from the night:

John only had one thin blanket between him and the moon, and he showed us what’s all mixed up like those stars in a dancing sky.

Jess tore the press a new one hoping their talking heads would pop off from all their hot air, then calmed down with breathing and feeling like we’re going to get it someday.

Paul longs for quiet but holds on to the noise, still taking care of those bibles like passages that aren’t there.

Sam read Che Guevera’s favorite poem The Dark Messenger by César Vallejo, and then he declared himself a certified geekologist, exploring his tech-nerd spidey sense vs. comic book side.

John had a piece published recently in Gargoyle Magazine and plugged his friend’s blog The Song Is. Check them out.

See you at Bossa in March!

Happy New Year! Luis and the gang had a great time at the open mic at Bossa in January. Around six or seven different performers got up on the mic several times in front of a half-full house.

Come see us again in February on the second Tuesday…

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 7-9 PM
at Bossa, 2463 18th St. NW, DC

The DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency (GPI) is an anti-authoritarian, collaborative, pro-humanity artists' collective incorporating music, rhythm, spoken word, community and resistance.

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